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Join a select group of founders, CEOs, investors and thought leaders for Jeffersonian dinner style conversations at the intersection of purpose-driven business and the capital markets. From thematic conversations like Conscious Capitalism and Venture Capital co-existence to sector focused conversations like Digital Wellbeing Investing in a post-covid world, we bring together a curated community of change makers to go deeper in both conversation and connection.

Upcoming events:
(All at 11am PT / 2pm ET)
Wellness Technology Investment Trends
Frontiers in Mental Health
Prior events:
The World After Covid - What’s Next for Wellness Tech Investing?
What are the Right Roles for Government in Supporting Climate Positive Companies?
Can Conscious Capitalism & Venture Capital Co-exist?
When the Tech Gap Becomes the Learning Gap
13-Nov 2020
Digital Wellness Update & Mission Aligned Investors Overview
In Partnership with Transformative Technology

Gathering with Purpose: the Jeffersonian dinner

The tradition we now call Jeffersonian Dinners began at Monticello in the 1800s. Jefferson thrived on surrounding himself with a host of thought leaders and used his dinner table as the centerpiece for the free exchange of ideas and diplomacy. His predecessor, John Adams, is said to have quipped, “a dinner party is worth a thousand meetings.”

But there’s a rule with Jeffersonian Dinners – you must have a single conversation. You talk to the whole table and the whole table listens. No side conversations. The whole time. That’s 8 to 15 brains on one topic. It is powerful and unique.

These interactions are rich with what political scientist Robert Putnam calls bridging capital – connectedness between people across differences (as compared to the more common and easily achieved bonding capital.) Besides, conversations between people who are just the same are boring and they lack the creative tension that sparks ideas.

Our MAGSS Jeffersonian Dinners are carefully curated groups of no more than 15 deep, creative thinkers ready to engage with authenticity. Until we can welcome each other into our homes again, these will be virtual dinner parties, but the conversations will be just as invigorating and the guest list just as curated. Since the capacity for each event is by nature so small, you will complete a short form to apply for an invitation.  Do not be surprised if something delightful shows up in the mail to make the experience extra special.



Learn from our posts and conversations around thinking critically about the ins and outs of prioritizing both profits and purpose.

State of the Market – EdTech 2021

State of the Market – EdTech 2021

The coronavirus pandemic sparked a worldwide remote learning experiment. While other sectors failed, the pandemic transformed a slowly developing EdTech industry from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘must-have’, dramatically accelerating growth in the sector. Our report highlights the recent M&A and investment activity in the EdTech market and examines the impact of the pandemic on K-12, higher and corporate education.