Purpose and Profit Podcast

Episode 1 – Sunny Vanderbeck, Satori Capital


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  In the pilot episode of the Purpose & Profit podcast, Gary Moon, Managing Partner at Nfluence Partners, interviews Sunny Vanderbeck, managing partner at Satori Capital, about Sunny’s perspective on mission-aligned business and how his investment firm is embracing profit and purpose simultaneously. Specifically, the podcast explores key themes such as:
  • Building a purpose-driven strategy that emphasizes profits.
  • Achieving better outcomes by having a broader lens on what to support, what not to support and how to make decisions.
  • Focusing on time horizon when considering specific investment opportunities.
  • Considering a mission-oriented emphasis in selecting an acquirer and looking at financial returns.
  • Evaluating which parts of culture to assimilate in a mission-oriented acquisition.
The debut episode of Purpose & Profit runs about 40 minutes. This new podcast is being launched in advance of the Mission-Aligned Growth Summit in San Francisco November 14, 2018, and will continue after the event. For more information or to buy tickets for the one-day workshop, visit www.missionaligned.com