State of the Market – Digital Wellness Q4 2019

Technology continues to transform the landscape of Digital Wellness. Increased awareness on general wellness continues to drive tailwinds in the digital wellness landscape. In this State of the Market Industry Report, we explore a set of key themes driving funding and acquisition activity, along with new strategies being explored by leading players in this landscape.
Transformative Technology focuses on the ability to enhance our everyday lives
  • The tie between human health, connection, potential, and happiness is becoming visible, and impactable, through technology
  • There is a broad spectrum of current solutions that help to improve daily outcomes by enabling mental and emotional wellbeing through tools for health, happiness, sleep and stress
  • Emerging categories including solutions leveraging neurotech, emotion recognition, and social-emotional enhance our lives at work, school, and other social group settings by improving human interaction, performance, and unlocking potential
  • The success of Calm and Headspace in the Venture Growth market, and the LivongoIPO have driven increasing investor interest in understanding the Digital Wellness market more broadly
  • As healthcare migrates towards prevention, and beliefs around “rehab” shift to reaching maximum capacity, new solutions will arise expanding our traditional definitions of wellness
This report will help to lay out the spectrum of these technologies which we define as “Digital Wellness” that are improving wellness among the population and the convergence between wellness and the broader healthcare ecosystem.  You can access the report here.